Getting A Kick Start

I made a video, you might have noticed it on the front page, so I won’t repeat it here. The reason for the video was, originally, to accompany a project on Kickstarter, though I rather like it so will probebly put it everywhere – if only to make people feel morerable about civilization and my doomy voice. The Kickstarter project is modest, to say the least.

With some dismay I have seen Kickstarter projects raise hundreds of thousands of Dollars (and now Pounds) for, basically, lumps of pointless shit – such as cameras that record your every living moment, or masks that flash so you can, apparently, have more lucid dreams (yes, it’s nonsense). I like to think that my project is worthwhile and suitably modest – I need just £900 in order to produce copies of the book for promotions and thank-yous, and also to produce a professional standard eBook.

More information and a big splashy headline when the project goes live. At the moment I’m waiting for approval because apparently I haven’t made lots of dramatic statements about how incredibly risky the project is. I can’t quite bring myself to tell them that the only real risk is to the industrial system.

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