Exciting, Paper-Related Things

It’s arrived. Or rather, the first “It” has arrived.

Lulu have delivered and the first draft of Underminers was handed over by my friendly postie yesterday just as I was walking to the village soup lunch (posties here do things like that). A slab of paper dound in a shiny bit of card with pictures and words shouldn’t get people that excited, should it? But books are enormously powerful – their tangible, tactile nature trumps anything online in its fuzzy electromagnetic form. Riffling through the pages was a thrill, but straight away I new a few things had to be changed – little things like the colour of the cover text, image formatting, thickness of spacer lines, that kind of thing. It’ll take me a few days to work through the list I’ve made, and then I’ll order another copy which, if it’s ok, will then be available to buy.

Then the fundraising begins…watch this space.

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