Kickstarter Project is Now Live!

I am delighted to say that the project to fund the printing of Underminers in physical and eBook form has gone live.

If you click on the link below (which is for those who like texty links) then you will go to my Kickstarter page, which lays out the basic premise for needing a bit of money. Sadly Lulu doesn’t barter, nor does any PoD publisher, so in order to get some important stuff done then I need at least £900 (about $1440) to get things moving.

I have created an FAQ below the main text on the Kickstarter page and will be adding to this as people ask questions – if you have any questions then please comment below this blog, or do it via the project page. Basically, by funding the distribution and publicity of the book you are helping make a wave of undermining get just that bit closer. And remember, I won’t be making a bean out of this – I never have done.

Many, many thanks, and please pass on the link x

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