This morning, the result of many emails, I received two large boxes. Inside are many copies of Underminers which have been saved from the process the publishing industry calls “remaindering” or variations thereupon, but which is more correctly called “pulping”. My publisher asked me how many books I would like saved, for a reasonable price per book, and they eventually found 60 copies in a warehouse in England.

The outcome of all this is that I have some books for sale or, under certain circumstances, to give away. On the home page is a Paypal link to buy Underminers for £10 (or equivalent) per copy. There’s also a brief explanation of how to get a copy for free. My criteria for deciding whether to charge or not, will essentially be around whether people will benefit from Underminers who otherwise would not have been able. So, if you have a local group, library, activist cell or whatever, then get in contact.

For the time being I have to find a place to put the boxes. A good thing one of my offspring has just moved out…

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