Chapter 9

Chapter Nine – Recreating Community (Part 1)

Community is the natural state of human beings: dependent upon each other, working together to ensure the stability and success of whatever collective form we take. Community is the antithesis of how civilization wants us to live. Sadly, as we seek the company and mutual assistance of others like us this need is exploited by civilization to devastating effect. As we have seen throughout this book, the Veil of Ignorance places us in a position of dependency far removed from our natural state – instead chained to a system that only wants to take what we can give for the system’s benefit. If we can learn to embrace genuine forms of community once again then we not only remove the “need” for civilization that has been instilled in us, we create a situation that is far more resilient than any city, any government, any corporation and any civilization, however large and powerful.

Chapter Nine – Recreating Community (Part 2)

We’re going to take a look at just a few aspects of the very many elements of community living, and how we can use undermining to help these elements become more attractive to others, thus strengthening the communities in which they take place still further. Specifically I am going to concentrate on three areas that affect us all, and three completely different ways of looking at them. These three areas are: economics, schooling and work. All three have already been discussed at some length, but not yet put in the context of community living, which is what I intend to do.

You will almost certainly be able to identify more areas and their alternatives, and in doing so can carry out your own analysis of how undermining can assist in their establishment as key elements of peoples’ lives.

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