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Keith RiverKeith Farnish is a writer, volunteer and activist who, in a former life, was economically viable. He lives in Southern Scotland with his wife and two children, making, growing, organising, listening, talking and being.

He has been involved in environmental issues for many years, initially specialising in energy supply, transport and climate change, and now as a campaigner against the system we call Industrial Civilization. He is continually striving to minimise his impact on the natural world but, more importantly, accepts that what we now take for granted will no longer be around soon – we have to take back control of our lives and our communities, and bring down the system that is killing the natural world.

Keith founded The Earth Blog, intended as a source of inspiration for people who want to be challenged, and offering uncompromising solutions to difficult problems. He also founded The Unsuitablog – an anti-greenwashing website and co-founded Green Seniors alongside Joyce Emery of Iowa, USA.

His first book, called Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution To A Global Crisis was out in Spring 2009; and is also available to read (for free!) online. His second book, Underminers was completed in October 2012 and, again, put online for free in the expectation that no publisher would be brave enough to touch it. It was released by New Society Publishers in September 2013.

Following the publishing of Underminers, He decided to leave non-fiction writing for something which could connect to a wider audience. He started work on Almost Gone as a short story in 2014 and was encouraged by various people to turn it into a novel, which was completed in mid-2015. Continuing in the world in which Almost Gone is set, the follow-up is in progress, entitled Other Worlds. The final part, of what has become a trilogy, will be called Hollow Ground. He is also working on a techno-thriller comedy novel about a man named Ross.

Invite Keith

Keith is available to speak (and maybe even sing) to groups, at events and anything else that involves a general collection of people. He lives in southern Scotland and the closer to home the better, but if you are prepared to pay his travel and put him up for the duration then he will happily come and see you, so long as it doesn’t involve flying.

He can also speak over the telephone one to one, for radio interviews and so on, with Skype being a further option – for this he will not charge, so long as it furthers the cause of Undermining the industrial system.

Keith can be contacted using the form below:

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