Queuing Up For Posting

Incredibly, I have a backlog. Ok, that’s not strange really given how awful my progress has been getting this book online, but finally the backlog is a of a good kind. I have over a month’s worth of text to get on the website with Chapter 7 straining at the leash to complete it’s literal dump all over the industrial system (the first part went up a short while ago), something I will get fully online next week. Trying to keep this a little low-key until the PDF is ready for pushing out because it really is quite scary.

And then there is Chapter 8, which I completed a few days ago much to my surprise. Just awaiting an essay from a valuable contributor and then that will all be ready, which is a lovely thought. A question that remains, though, is from which quarter am I going to get into most trouble: will it be the industrial forces being undermined in Chapter 7, or will it be the environmental mainstream which spends an inordinate amount of time and energy defending those industrial forces?

I honestly don’t know.

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