Maybe It Was A Good Idea After All

I’m not giving any names away until I have to. There are a few people I’ve asked to write things for Underminers, people I respect for what they have said, written down and done. Especially the ones who have done stuff. Some people I haven’t asked, not because I think they are too important or because I’m starstruck in any way, but because I know they wouldn’t submit – there are a few people like that, and I respect them for their decision to remain beyond the reach of anyone but their family, close friends and (usually) agent/publisher. Others I haven’t asked because it might jeopardise their safety far more than writing this book will jeopardise mine: so you won’t be getting anything from activists currently working underground; this is strictly an overground authored work.*

But that still leaves quite a few people whose work I am passionate about, at least when anyone wants to ask, and I have asked most of those people to contribute as I really value what they have to say. Some of the essays have already been published, and it is no secret that Chapter 7 will include an essay by David Edwards, whose essay “Breaking The Chains of Illusion” was one of the seminal texts in my activist development. And there are others, who will appear throughout the text as time goes on – maybe in chapters already published, who knows? In fact at least one contributor changed his/her mind after initially rejecting the concept of Underminers as too uncomfortable, but is firmly back in the fold after being assured that what they do most certainly is undermining. And you know what? They agreed.

Some things are not as far away as they at first seem…

(* Except maybe the Anonymous essay, the authors of which I don’t know, and do not wish to know the identities of. On the edges of the underground, perhaps.)

3 Responses to Maybe It Was A Good Idea After All

  1. Matt says:

    …ahem. And where is Chapter 7 ? ;-)
    Just so you are reassured that we are out here and eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  2. farnishk says:

    Just starting editing it, Matt. Want to make sure it’s as good as possible. And it’s 31,000 words, so a bit of a monster! Will probably be in 3 or 4 sections. Glad you’re looking forward to it :-)

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