Chapter 7 Online

In case you hadn’t noticed, Chapter 7 – entitled “Undermining The Machine” – has gone online. It is published in three parts, which can be accessed via the Book menu or by going to There isn’t much to say about this chapter that cannot be better expressed by actually reading it, but I have to make some serious caveats for anyone who is taking Underminers seriously (as I am sure many of you are):

First, this is not some superficial, symbolic exercise in gathering lots of jolly people together in order to make a noise about just how pissed off they are about the state of the planet. That happens all the time and if that is your bag then you can find those types of events anywhere and everywhere. There will be a lot more to say about the failures and folly of mainstream environmentalism in Chapter 8, but for now I would suggest that if you aren’t in this for the long-haul then Underminers is not for you.

Second, there is some scary shit in this chapter, particularly the middle section. All of it is fully justified in the text, and carries with it incalculable rewards for the future of humanity, as well as considerable risk for anyone looking to do some of the things I can only hint at in the text. If you have any doubts about your place in this effort then read Chapter 4, which will help equip you will some of the things you need. In all cases you must have also read Chapter 5 – I cannot stress this enough – which provides vital risk reduction information both for those that may be impacted and, of course, yourself.

Third, this is a very long chapter, which may be better read on paper. When the book is finished then I will begin work on a publishers version, with the aim of selling as an e-book and Print on Demand – assuming no publisher takes this on as a going concern. For the time being I have made all text printable. However, if you are planning on carrying out anything significant then I wouldn’t keep the printed copy about your person: it is a “Practical Guide” but it is not a manual, so in terms of the nuts-and-bolts for a specific activity then you should be doing your planning in a much more controlled manner than just reading a book.

For this chapter I have been blessed with the efforts of three people I greatly admire for various reasons. Ana Salote, who writes “Fashion is Scary Medicine” was a great inspiration and help for my first book, and wrote Tree Talk one of the most moving children’s books I have come across. David Edwards, who writes “The Corporate Media – Undermining The Silence”, turned my head around more than ten years ago with his seminal “Breaking the Chains of Illusion” and works tirelessly (with David Cromwell) publishing the MediaLens website. Richard Reynolds, who writes “Guerilla Gardening” is the father (although he’s still younger than me) of the British Guerrilla Gardening movement, and works day-in-day-out showing people how urbanisation can be undermined with a little effort. I thank all of them for their words here and what they do in their lives.

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