Chapter 6 Online in All Its Glory!

That horrible, exhausting chapter, the one that made me lose sleep, gave me headaches and almost caused me to give up is finally online in all its glory. It is so long I’ve had to split it into three parts, which are linked together starting from Part 1.

There’s not much point going into detail over what it’s about: but worth saying something about the change in style from the previous chapters. As you might know, Chapters 1-5 were in a section called Groundwork, which contained background information, analysis and a lot of basic, well, groundwork all about what undermining is and how it should be done to be most effective and only as risky as you are prepared to make it. Part 2 is where we really get down to it, as tough and dirty as you like, but also devious, secretive and scary – depending on whether you are the Underminer or the target.

As you step over the threshold into the actual practice of undermining don’t forget that the earlier chapters are there to help and guide you. You should never do anything you aren’t entirely comfortable with, but maybe with a few trusted friends and perhaps a few unknown, anonymous colleagues, you will end up surprising yourself. Now read on, and start undermining the Veil of Ignorance.

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