Chapter 6 is Complete!

I don’t really want to think about the last chapter. Coming in at a shade over 23,000 words it feels more like a brick of information than a chapter of a book, but then it’s my fault. I could have split the book up into 20…30 chapters and then be able to make a little squeak of delight every week as another little chapter goes into the “complete” pile. But that would be really confusing, and pointless, because each chapter as it stands (or will stand) has a distinct purpose. Chapter 6 is about undermining the Veil of Ignorance, which I must remember to credit to John Rawls as the first mention of the term I ever read, and because it’s such a vital thing it takes a long time to cover in detail.

Though I wouldn’t get too excited by the detail because, although there is a huge amount of practical help throughout the chapter, it’s important to keep stressing throughout the book that it is just a taster of the huge variety of undermining actions available to us. All I can do is lay out what I think are the key kinds of things that will undermine the various aspects of the system we need to be rid of, give a few examples of how this is done, and then give just enough motivation that readers go away and get on with things. What more can I do?

So onto Chapter 7, which I fully expect to be a more than a little scary. I’ll try to ease the reader into things gently…

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