Chapter 2 is Online

A little tardy of me posting this blog, but in case it isn’t obvious from the menu items, Chapter 2 of Underminers is now online in two browser-friendly chunks. This chapter is a little heavy going as it goes through the Tools of Disconnection in some detail, including a few extra Tools that weren’t present in Time’s Up! / A Matter of Scale (although they were implied in later text). Dave Pollard deserves extra praise, not only for providing a fantastic essay to introduce the Tools in such an eloquent way, but also helping clarify what the Tools should consist of. In particular, Dave identified “Turn Us Against One Another” as a discrete Tool that has features not found in other disconnecting parts of civilized society.

The chapter is split into two sections because of its length, just over 13,000 words, which in one go would not sit comfortably in a browser window. The downloadable PDF, on the other hand, is in one chunk, designed for printing out or sending onwards to anyone you think might appreciate it. Don’t forget to send the link to others, and post it on blogs and websites. The book is going to start getting edgy in the next chapter so watch this space.

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