A Week of Intensity

The rest of the family have gone away for a while; down south to see the Essex arm of the family, and feel a little bit of warmth as here the first breaths of winter start chilling the land. There is a huge amount to do in the garden and some serious invention needed to dispose of the results of the walls of water that have fallen upon us over the last 4 months. I love greenery, but it doesn’t make for good crops – for that you need sun. But between going outside and making things ready for the winter – and for the first time tending winter crops – I have a book to write and plenty of time to write it.

Chapter 3 has just gone online, which is important to ensure the momentum for getting the whole book up before the end of the year continues. It may change before next week is out, but as I have instigated a versioning system, you will notice any changes to the book pages are clearly shown at the end. With that cleared, I can get on with writing Chapter 7, perhaps the most hard-core chapter in terms of getting things done. I can’t say much at the moment except that there are certain tasks within the text that only a few people will be keen to do – yet they need to be done and I know there are activists currently wasting their time climbing all over things, risking life and limb, and achieving nothing tangible, who would be up for the challenge given the right motivation. That’s why Chapter 3 is so important – it draws a clear line between those who are Underminers, and those who are not. We all have the potential to be Underminers, yet many apparently serious and genuine activists have taken a path which leads to nothing but further devastation.

And now it’s time to get dressed and crack on with writing. Oh, and there’s a ceiling to paint – you didn’t think I’d be left alone with no chores to do, did you?

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