Interview with Rob Kall of OpEdNews

A few weeks ago the culmination of even more weeks of communication finally resulted in me being interviewed by Rob Kall. Some of you may know Rob, who is the editor in chief of OpEdNews, an excellent repository of original and reposted items ranging from the mildly political to the kind of things writers etc. like me post.

The interview took the best part of 2 hours, carried out over Skype (Rob is in Pennsylvania, I’m in Scotland) and so was bound to have a few problems. So, there was my coughing fit as I was recovering from a cold, a phone call that wouldn’t stop ringing, the complete drop-out of the connection, quite a few crumbly bits from Rob’s end and a few clanks and grinds as I moved things about. The recording was made using a Zoom H2 perched on my laptop next the the speakers relaying Rob’s questions; it was edited over the last two days by me, using Audacity, the free sound editor from Sourceforge.


So here’s the recording – warning, it’s 1 hour and 40 minutes, but I think we ended up drawing quite a few new and interesting strands from the ongoing dialogue…

MP3 Download Link (40MB)

You can also stream the interview, and embed it by going to The Internet Archive.

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