Resisting Together and A Book Launch

At last, it looks as though there will be something like a book launch for Underminers.  Six months late, and nothing at all resembling a media circus – in fact the mere presence of media would not be very welcome, as this is going to happen at an event that is really a coming together of ideas and people who want to do something far outside the mainstream. Here’s the blurb, and a poster:

Resisting Together is an event of many ideas focussed on a single aim – the dissolution of Industrial Civilization through acts of resistance. There are countless numbers of radical individuals, groups and movements operating both in the open and underground; we don’t agree on everything, but at our core we all seek to free humanity from the yoke of the industrial machine, the horror-play that the civilized world acts out every day, degrading the natural world and enslaving people in the pursuit of material wealth and power.resisting_together_poster
A mixture of talks and discussions, the much-aborted launch of Underminers and probably a bit of music too, Resisting Together will be a chance to share, exhort, emote and learn from others how we can move towards a world where we are in control of our destiny, unfettered by the shackles of the industrial machine.

Date: Saturday 29th March, 2014

Time: 1pm-7pm

Cost: £donations

Venue: The Canons’ Gait, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

The initial idea for the venue was a discussion between myself and a member of DGR UK, along with a couple of other people in related groups. Early forays into an event pointed to a 2 day conference-type thingy, at a location in southern Scotland; but for various reasons that fell through, not least because the venue would be too difficult to get to, and also they were worried we were a bunch of anarchists (got that partly right). A contact in Edinburgh did some looking around and found the Canons’ Gait, which has ended up being the venue for an afternoon event, which could turn into an evening session.

I apologise if it’s difficult to get to; everywhere will be wrong for most people, but we have put it close to the railway station in the middle of a busy and (not something I say about many urban areas) often stunning city. It’s certainly an interesting location, being just a stone’s throw from the “under city” and the site of so many historical urban horrors that underline why humans should never live like this.

The exact lineup and agenda is still being settled – details will be posted as they happen on the event page:, which is also where you can reserve a place or four. Even better, entry is free, with donations only asked to give the speakers and organisers a meal afterwards. I might bring a few books along if anyone wants to buy them, but at a kilogram each, probably not that many. I do want to be able to walk from the bus stop…

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