Chapter 1 is Online

As promised, I have started to place chapters of Underminers online, and the trick seems to have worked – the block has been unblocked and, apart from a few days away in the relative wilds of Skye learning a bit of bushcraft and a visit from part of my family, writing has once again become a productive process.

The Introduction, as previously published, is now in the Book section as is the up-to-now unseen Chapter 1, which includes a specially compiled essay from Carolyn Baker, my guru for mental stability in times of collapse. Setting context, which is what this chapter does, is vital. Going straight into the Tools of Disconnection (Chapter 2) would assume far too much of the reader; not intellectually, but in terms of where this whole idea of Undermining is coming from. It’s a new concept for the vast majority of people, so Chapter 1 sets out to explain why undermining is such a critical thing, and why Industrial Civilization has to be undermined.

Chapter 2 will be published in a week or so, but for now please read and share what has so far been published, and if you can please link to the Book Section so that others can read the book as it comes online.

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