Online Publishing – Unblocking the Block

Over the next few weeks you will notice a few differences on this site. As you will have gathered, the book is far from complete, and due to a lack of routine at the moment I’m suffering from a temporary case of Writers Block. But it’s not just the lack of routine. As the book goes on it seems to be growing in importance, as though it is utterly vital that it gets into the public domain so people can get on with undermining.

Case in point: the Canadian tar sands. The symbolic “protest” group, are supporting a campaign under the banner Tar Sands Action (actually, I’m pretty sure they are organising it) which is apparently a serious attempt at disrupting the tar sands industry. This is how they are going to stop the tar sands:

The current plan is to commit a simple, sit-in style action at The White House fences, where there is a statute that restricts such activities. This action will be repeated daily as people come into town, keeping this sustained pressure on the issues. We expect people to remain civil and peaceful, acting in a dignified manner that is as serious as these issues are.

So you see the problem. I don’t think I need to spell out how fruitless this is.

In the light of this and many other examples of impotence in the face of increasing destruction and the complete encapsulation of humanity into the way of life called Industrial Civilization, I have no option but to publish Underminers online as soon as possible. I also need a serious kick up the arse, and maybe some of my dear readers will be able to help as things develop.

Therefore, starting in a few weeks this web site will become a publishing platform as well as a blog. Despite the obvious pitfalls with putting chapters of an unfinished book online, such as the whole book maybe not sitting together as well as if I had waited for completion, or the chance of realising I have missed something out (I reserve the right to change things retrospectively) it’s going ahead, starting with Chapter One, soon.

Watch this space.

2 Responses to Online Publishing – Unblocking the Block

  1. largerpicture says:

    Damned fruitless indeed. Reminds me of the Starwars version Derrick Jensen came up with (

    Good luck with the writing. I have been wanting to start seriously writing about such things for years now, and have never come further than a few short articles, and a whole load of unfinished ones, and hundreds of facebook messages… The ideas are there, but finding/making the time is a trick I haven’t mastered yet.

    Looking forward to talk about these things soon!


  2. Matt says:

    Thank you.

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