Back At Last

I said when I first started this blog that I would only post something when I had done something constructive, and so I have. Over the last month (has it really been that long?) there have been all sorts of other things I have been involved in – some on the community side, some on the activist side and some just being part of a lovely family. There hasn’t been a lot of writing, sadly.

But today I finally got back on the wagon and did a proper piece of writing. To be fair I have been pushing things around, much like a piece of fluff that refuses to be swept and gets stuck to the brush all the time, but it’s good to have a rethink, even if it does betray a little laziness. I’m still on the monumental second chapter, and have realised that one of the Tools of Disconnection that Dave Pollard thought of, sits neatly between two others; and this makes a neat (or, rather, very sinister) progression from the subtle and indirect to the obvious and direct. There are four Tools that sit outside this progression which – now I have written the new Tool (“Turn Us Against One Another”) – are the next things to address.

They are: School Us, Steal Our Time, Steal Our Language and Give Us Hope. They are all horribly difficult to compress into a few hundred words. I can but try.

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