Dave Pollard – A Man of Fine Words

Dave Pollard and I get on pretty well – we don’t agree on everything, for instance he is a big supporter of Transition, whereas I think the underlying concepts of Transition are sound but the execution is pants in most cases (actually, with Dave at the helm, his incarnation of Transition is highly unlikely to be pants). One of the many areas we do agree on, however, is the need for the destructive industrial system to be brought down, and having admired his work for some time – in particular his willingness to bare his soul in the most extraordinarily beautiful ways – it was a delight to receive the essay which I have included in Chapter 2 verbatim, and which he has published on his own blog.

Thank you, Dave.

Writing has been very slow in this side of the pond partly due to dealing with the weather, but also because I have been very much embroiled in a couple of projects, both of which are extremely pertinent to Underminers. The first is related to a high-profile NGO which thinks that its message is the only message; the other is akin to an organisation that has been very much in the news recently. I’m sort of making it a rule not to cross over between projects too much, so if you want to find the latter (the former is not ready yet) then you will need to go to another of my blogs. I have a feeling though, that I will have to find a few extra hours in the day to write if this takes off.

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