New Look, New Text

Hello everyone and welcome to my lovely, shiny website. You might have noticed a couple of changes – not least the huge black and white image behind the pages which is, in fact, part of the new front cover for the impending print version of Underminers. Another change is the home page which has, up to now, been lacking anything resembling a proper blurb; now that the text is ready it’s time to make things a little more friendly.

A big thank you to all of my readers up to now. I know it’s all looked a bit stark and bare, but for many (potential) Underminers, something without embellishment is just the ticket. But things change, albeit in this case for the better, because I can happily say that the text on the website is the same as the text that will appear in the printed book, so by clicking on each chapter you are getting what those people who buy the book will be getting, except for free.

Damn! it’s taken a long time. The book proofs are currently with those nice people at Lulu, and a draft copy is being printed so I can do the very final checks on it. It has a cover and it will have a few extra pictures drawn by my very talented daughter, Sophie, once we work out where they will best fit.

Oh, and I will need to raise a little money to get a small print-run done for those who have helped and distribution to friendly media, and also produce an eBook to get the word out even further. Watch this space.

Anyone fancy making me a video? :-)

Structurally Speaking

I knew it would change, but didn’t think it would change this quickly. What was once looking to be a three part tome has now been squeezed into a two-part less than tome. Actually, it will probably end up being the same length, but I was in severe danger of producing something verging on the anally-retentive; allow me to explain…

Part One is called “Groundwork” and provides the basic background behind the book: why it was written, the things that underlie its philosophy, a detailed description of the targets (Tools of Disconnection) and the people who would most likely be carrying out the things detailed in the book (Undermining, that is) plus the Rules of Undermining.

Part Two was going to be called, “The Principles of Undermining” which was to contain chapters detailing the four processes of Undermining (no clues yet, but they have been published elsewhere if you care to look), a section about risk, and a couple of chapters easing readers gently into the practice of Undermining.

Finally, Part Three was going to be called “The Practice of Undermining” which was to contain a batch of chapters giving details of the methodology across a wide range of targets. This was to be the “meat” of the book and the real reason for reading it.

Then I realised that I was writing far more about not doing Undermining than doing it. Like an interminable introduction to a movie that has a quick exciting battle scene at the end. What was I thinking of!?

So Part Two has gone – consigned to the dustbin of bad ideas (reminder to self: tell the publisher of the changes) with just one chapter moved over to Part One. Part Two is also renamed, simply “Undermining”, which I think has much more impact. That leaves a far more manageable (approximately) 40% theory and 60% practice, which I think might make a good book.

Watch this space (please).

Submission To A Publisher #1

It’s early in the process, I know, but what I really need sometimes is a deadline – and there is no better way of getting a deadline than to have a publisher tell you: “If you want the book published I need it written by…”

So, with the introduction newly crafted (it’s just 2 pages – I can’t stand introductions that are like American movie trailers, the ones that go on for ages and show all the best bits so you think the rest of the movie / book contains even more good bits when it doesn’t) I have written to a publisher asking what they think of the idea of Underminers, attaching the Introduction and Chapter 1. I’ll keep you posted if anything comes of this, but won’t reveal any names until I have something signed, sealed and delivered.

In other news, another person I really admire has agreed to write an essay for the book. Like with Carolyn Baker, there was only one person who was right for Chapter 2, and I’m delighted to say that he said “yes”, albeit with a couple of reservations regarding methodology. To be fair, though, I don’t really know what the final methodologies will be like; it’s one thing putting things in a blog (The Unsuitablog) – another putting them into a book for more general consumption.

And I don’t want to go to jail yet.

I’m Not Saying This Is An Excuse…

This is the first update in a little while, and as I contemplate serious typing I can only focus on the throbbing at the end of my left index finger, which seems to have developed an interesting bulge just before the nail. Yes, it hurts and I’m going to have to do something about it, but the real reason for no updates is a trip to my Wife’s homeland of Essex (I, to my semi-pride, am a Kentish Man who grew up as a Man of Kent, having swapped sides at the age of 2) to spend time with her family along with some very dear friends, most of whom attended my book launch back in March 2009. In fact, here’s a video of me being very nervous:

But now, despite the sore finger, I have no excuse not to write (except maybe the wood to cut, chutney to make, seedlings to plant…) and have spent a little time this week rejigging and adding to the contents, along with a page reintroducing the concepts I first talked about in Time’s Up! Now I have reached the point – and I will reveal the contents when they have finally settled down – when I need my first guest author to contribute. Just like organising a festival, it would be foolish for me to reveal who the guest authors will be, but I can say that I will be asking quite a few well known and respected people (at least in the more radical end of the spectrum) to make a little literal contribution. This is, not surprisingly, something I’m quite excited by.

The first letter has gone off, and in the meantime I have the knotty problem of connection and disconnection to put into just a couple of pages.

And also make acorn burgers.

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