The Network is No More

Slightly heavy heart today, though considerably lighter shoulders; the Underminers Network – the discussion board, that is – is no more. I had a reminder from my domain provider today that was due for renewal, which meant I had to make a decision: do I try and promote the Network more, or do I remove it? In fact I had made the decision a while ago. The lack of activity showed that people are unwilling to discuss undermining online, or at least in the dated forum format. There is lots going on elsewhere and, I would be willing to bet, a heck of a lot happening offline, a.k.a. The Real World.

And there was the matter of people trying to sell Nike shoes by registering and posting adverts.

So, just a short while ago, I went to the board to find that Zetaboards had decided to move everything over to Cloudflare (buggered if I know what this means IRL) killing off my domain redirection. In a fit of logic, I removed the subdomain, took off any links from other sites and deleted the board from Zetaboards. The Underminers Network is gone.

Long may people continue to undermine; I suspect something big is happening soon…

2 Responses to The Network is No More

  1. Paul Hawley says:

    Yes, lots is going on elsewhere. The foundation of growth-addicted industrial civ is decaying, at least partly through intentional actions & eye-opening communications in all directions. Something has decidedly begun, whether or not ‘fora’ have passed their day (who know? not the first I’ve seen sputter & end).

    Maybe best of all, as you know, you are not alone. (I hesitate to single out examples; you know of them as well.) You have galvanized many epiphanies & continue to do so. Rock on, sirrah!

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