All Kickstarter Money Gone

Because I’m very careful with what I do with other peoples’ money, I’ve been keeping detailed accounts of exactly what I have done with the funds from the Kickstarter project, which many of you kind people helped happen last year.

For quite a while there was £11.63 sitting in my bank account, waiting for something useful to be used on, and then Paul Kingsnorth announced that the Dark Mountain website had been catastrophically hacked so I had to help out in some way – Paul is a good man, and the Dark Mountain Project is very important.

To cut a long story short, three signed copies of Underminers have been auctioned off and sent to the winners, and the cost of the postage (the books were comps from my publisher) was £11.65! Ok, 2p out, but if I ever wanted to ignore the horrors of civilization, I could always become an accountant…

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