A New Earth Blog

After more than 6 years struggling with the horrible coding structure, advert frenzy and barrage of spam comments, I have finally had enough of Bravenet. As of now The Earth Blog is hosted on WordPress. For anyone who doesn’t know, I started The Earth Blog in 2006 as a place to put my thoughts, with an article called “A Call For Action, Please Read This”, which I still think is relevant:

Forget the views of the conservative environmentalist who tells us that all we have to do is change a few light bulbs and buy a more economical car and all will be well; to turn the climate around we are looking at a fundamental change in what we consider to be normal and acceptable levels of consumption.

If a billion people currently sit comfortably above the “poverty line” in the western world – a poverty line based on the acquisition of consumer goods – try imagining a further 2 billion people obtaining that level in the next 50 years. If climate change is a problem now, stacking this upon the ever increasing profligacy of the west is, by any reasonable calculation, going to lead to annihilation of one sort or another – catastrophic weather events causing mass deaths, global ecological shifts tipping the natural balance of life into a state that can no longer support us, positive feedback cycles pushing the climate into ever tighter loops of change or just the complete lack of oil, a substance that is so fundamental to our way of life that even this potentially positive outcome would cause hundreds of millions of deaths.

Any one of these will force an unsustainable (for humans) change in human activity at far more rapid a rate than the admittedly fast, but controlled and planned change that we currently need but which governments and especially the vested interests of commercial economic growth are refusing to look in the eye. Denial is the only response, denial and a wink to the acceptable conservative environmentalism which is just a way of making us feel better about ourselves whilst letting the problem slip like so much hot sand between our fingers.

Ok, maybe the idea of “planned change” altered between then and a few years later, but the point was clear – the fundamental issues weren’t being addressed, even (especially) by the Environmental Movement, and I had had enough. The Earth Blog turned out to be a place I could hone my writing and ideas, and was the gestation of, first, A Matter of Scale / Time’s Up! and then Underminers. So, I am determined to keep it alive and more accessible than ever, so people can understand where I, and an increasing number of people are coming from.

Using www.theearthblog.org (or clicking the link) will immediately take you there.

For reference, the blog address is http://originalearthblog.wordpress.com – it’s not ideal, but someone already used the better names, and The Earth Blog has been around for an awfully long time!

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