Free Copies For Special People

Lulu are kind enough to apply a bulk discount of 7.5% to orders of 30 or more books (not a hint, that would be silly) and the postage is remarkably cheap, so with the Kickstarter money finally in the bank – only £791.70 once Kickstarter had taken all their fees – I have just been able to make the first bulk order of books to send out to various people. This is how it’s going to break down:

6 books for people who gave £50 or more to the Kickstarter project, and wanted a copy.
11 books to people who made a considerable contribution to the production of the book.
13 books to send out to organisations / groups / libraries that would like a copy available to their members / users.

I expect a big box to be arriving in about a week.

Once things are a bit clearer with regards to the exciting news alluded to in my last post then I will know whether I can use the remaining money to order more books, produce eBooks or start building the Underminers Network (hmm, where did that one spring from?) If I do the latter then I’ll have to get permission from my funders, but we’ll see in due course.

For the time being, if anyone is in an organisation that could really use a copy of Underminers for free, or is an individual who promises to do something good with the book, then please contact me at keith[at] and let me know. I’ll put a big advert up soon, so you might like to get in there quick before they all go…

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