Starting To Wrap Things Up

Since chapter 9 was published I have been spending lots of time with my family which always translates as not doing any writing. To be honest it was nice to have the break and I could feel my writing energy starting to ramp up towards the end of the holiday period to the extent that I positively leapt into Chapter 10 as soon as I had the house all to myself again. You might recognise some of the words if you are a fan of The Earth Blog, but there is also a lot of new writing and thinking gone into the chapter that is well into the home straight. I am indebted to Guy McPherson also for donating a chunk of his book Walking Away from Empire ages ago, probably before that book was even finished.

What is quite interesting about this is Guy’s contribution was originally intended for a project called “Worktraining” which might have become my second book had I not realised there was far too much “why” and “what” in the world and far too little “how”, which was the impetus for Underminers. The essay lay unused for a couple of years but magically it slipped perfectly into the very chapter I had originally intended it to go right at the beginning. I expect to finish Chapter 10 in less than a week’s time and then I have a bit of a dilemma. Do I write a long Epilogue about the future after Undermining has worked, or do I leave things open? Something to ponder…

2 Responses to Starting To Wrap Things Up

  1. Bucky Fuller says:

    Leave things open.

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