Chapter 7 Finished…All But…

According to the radio it’s raining; it’s sunny outside. I was meant to go to a meeting last night; my mobile phone didn’t ring to say my lift was near. Chapter 7 was close to being finished; the computer packed up and I had to rebuild it. Fortunately I had backups.

There’s a pattern here. I’m very clear about the incongruity between writing this and publishing on the Internet and the need to remove industrial civilization, which is why there is now a decent chunk in the latest chapter about this, including a section called The End of The Internet. This is a big one – the whole chapter is, and I am nervous about releasing the 30-odd thousand words to the wider world because it has sections that if and when enacted will take down huge chunks of the industrial infrastructure of death. This is a good thing – it’s still a scary thought, though.

The chapter will be released by the end of the year, including a couple of important essays by people who really know what they are talking about, and if nothing else it should provide food for thought (and people, based on the last section) for those who think that there is such thing as a “healthy” economy and neutral technology. The technology for writing and distributing this book is just a tool – we would be a hell of a lot better off without it.

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