Gosh! That was quick.

Chapter 4 is complete, all but the guest essay which I have received a positive response to – it’s a good one. One thing about writing this chapter, which without the guest essay tops out at 7,300 words, is how the writing itself matches much of the subject matter. I spent some time pressing home the importance of planning in any undermining action, even if that action appears to be spontaneous. Something is always burning at the back of your mind, or should be if there is to be any chance of success – if you are jailed but the undermining action was successful then there must have been some planning involved. If you are jailed and no undermining resulted then the chances are you didn’t plan properly.

Writing is like that, usually. This isn’t a novel so the ideas cannot emerge unbidden from some imaginatory orifice; what I write in this book will affect how people think and how they behave. Not some big-headed claim, as I know people have taken seriously what I wrote in Time’s Up! and which is a major reason this book is being written at all. I may have a fair idea of what undermining looks like and how to do it, but who else does? Maybe in another guise, but having given birth to the concept of Undermining the Tools of Disconnection it is my responsibility to at least get it on its feet and help it to survive in the big wide world.

The fact that this is my baby is a big reason why some bits can be written quickly and others take much more time. The latest chapter has been developing for a while in various forms, partly on the Unsuitablog, partly in my head, and when I open the tap to that source of information it comes pouring out. Which is nice, if it turns out all right.

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