Into Chapter 4

It’s all going a bit too well. Chapter 3 took a couple of weeks, which while not up to the stupid writing speeds of Time’s Up! (I was hitting a chapter a week for a couple of months) is pretty good progress for this book. As it whizzed passed there were bits of Chapter 3 that I really enjoyed writing, particularly the plot arcs which for some reason seem to pop up all over the place without much effort – another arc occured at the beginning of Chapter 4, but more of that chapter when I’ve finished.

I’m quite excited about the guest essays that I’m at least trying to get lined up; one of them may be a wish too far, but the more people with influence and a reputation for doing the right thing I can get involved, the more likely people will take what is being said in the book seriously. This has never been about money, and I have to keep saying this when I mention something that may also increase readership. Hell! I’m very unlikely to even get a publisher given what this is turning into, but oddly one thing that makes me carry on is knowing that I don’t have to sell the book, I can just give it away. That’s why I’ll never have an agent.

That’s also why I don’t feel like a hypocrite.

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