A New Chapter

Finally, the monster chapter is finished! I’ve just done a quick tot-up and it’s 14,378 words, give or take none. This is a long chapter – far longer than I first thought it would turn out, but once I got stuck into the later Tools of Disconnection then I realised they had to be done properly or not at all.

But it’s not the number of words that matters; and for all that I think it’s ok as a piece of writing as well. The test was whether I wanted to keep writing once I had finished, and apart from a few hours drinking an extra coffee and cleaning around the house, it was onto the next chapter with a skip and a jump. It does help that for each chapter I’ve written a few notes in advance, and as the current chapter is in progress ideas start to get moved around, trasferred to different chapters and things grow organically across the scope of the book.

So, two chapters down; three more to go in the first half of the book, then the really fun stuff starts – the undermining itself :-)

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