Writing in Libraries

It’s terribly, terribly distracting to write in my house. Not that for most of the day there is anyone around, except the chickens occasionally shouting for corn, but there are always so many things to do that the moment I sit down I think of something that I recently forgot and end up doing that instead of writing. So today, as well as picking up some lost property from the bus station in our nearest large town, I took the laptop to the library in order to see whether the atmosphere would be conducive to writing.

Wow, wasn’t it half? Dull, quiet, no view to speak of, no greenery, no jam to make, no seeds to plant, no floors to sweep – all I could do was write, and in the space of the mere hour I had I had almost completed the introduction to the book (did I say I have to have written an introduction and a first chapter before approaching any publisher?) as well as emailed a friend of mine in order to ask for an essay for Chapter 2. And when I had got home and unpacked the stupid weight of food I had managed to fit into the rucksack, I corrected the beginning of Chapter 2 because it was rubbish.

I’m definitely going to the library again.

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