Chapter One Finished!

I think it’s a big milestone, even though Tolstoy or even Stephen King would sneer at the thought of a single chapter, but I really don’t have much time to write, so when even one chapter out of – I don’t know – fifteen or sixteen is finished then I can afford a little hip-hooray! to myself. Actually, it is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the book: angrier, but more playful, if that’s not too schizophrenic. There are already moments of real bile, along with one major swear word and a smile occasionally playing on the edges of the text.

Equally significant is the first guest piece, authored by the great Carolyn Baker, the only person who was able to get me to consider that I might actually be a spiritual person; well, maybe not spiritual but certainly soulful. Some new words, along with a few slices from Sacred Demise and her new book, which I have the manuscript for but sadly have not managed to finish reading yet. She was the only person I thought suitable for explaining the intricacies of Connection without immediately alienating the reader, and I think her words fit really well.

And now I have to clean out the chickens…

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