Call for Ideas on BlogTalkRadio

Just had a few minutes on BlogTalkRadio talking to Cory Morningstar, Gregory Vickrey and Matt Stannard about the joke that is (was) 10/10/10 (or if you prefer colons, 10:10:10).

The Podcast should be available on the show website soon (look for October 09, 2010 – conversation with Cory and co starts at about 29 minutes in):

Like any normal human being I only have a limited amount of knowledge, and relatively few of all the potential ways the industrial system could be undermined. That’s why – as I slightly stutteringly (Skype on internet radio is a new experience for me) explained on the show – I want as many people as possible to suggest creative and effective ways for undermining, that I will keep in a file for when the relevant target is being written about. Please first read the Monthly Underminers Tasks on The Unsuitablog so you know the kinds of things I mean – the articles are available by following this link.

My contact details are on the “About” page, or you can comment under any blog post.

Your turn now.

N.B. I don’t need any money, by “contributions” I was talking about ideas.

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