Underminers – What Is This All About?

Ok, here’s the plan. I have a book to write, and I am very keen to get it written – but it’s going to be a hard slog. I have a title: “Underminers” and a rough outline which I’ll be revealing in due course; but it’s the execution that matters, and when you are being pulled in all sorts of directions – domestically, socially, community-y(?) and all sorts of other writing (writingy?) ways – then sometimes you can only get as far as the title and rough outline.

Anyone who reads my blog “The Unsuitablog” will already have a fair idea of what an Underminer is; and anyone who has read my book “Time’s Up!” will know why Undermining (or Sabotage, as I called it in “A Matter of Scale”) is so critical to the survival of humanity. For a crash course in Undermining then there are two articles on The Earth Blog that I recommend you read:

1) Sabotage Is Not An Option, It Is A Necessity

2) 100 Ways To Undermine The Industrial Machine

I will go into a lot more detail about the genesis of the book that is to come in later blogs, but in a nutshell there is only so much that can be said in an article, such as the Monthly Undermining Tasks on The Unsuitablog, and published books still get far more serious coverage than websites in the wider world. That’s all for now.

This blog will be a public, and often very frank, record of everything related to the book “Underminers”, including the process of planning and researching; the writing itself; building a website for hosting the online version; getting published; publicising the book and the website; and finally being hoisted up by my own petard / neck for daring to write something so troublesome in the first place.

I will only post a blog when I have actually done something, but if I don’t post something at least once a week then you are welcome to harangue me.

Here goes…

2 Responses to Underminers – What Is This All About?

  1. turnandwalkaway says:

    May you not suffer “being hoisted up by my own petard / neck for daring to write something so troublesome in the first place.”

    What has this supposed civilized world come to that any fear such extreme measures for merely speaking something “troublesome”? (yes, that’s rhetorical)

    Looking forward to “Underminers” and following your thought processes in its creation. Perhaps even more so, looking forward to using your words to create some personalized actions I may take.

    • farnishk says:

      Thank you very much – I’m looking forward to being some kind of influence for good. It’s a big responsibility but then all writers have that burden / joy :-)

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